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Hello Everyone!

We are super excited to introduce Bake Me – our fabulous kid-friendly baking kit that will help little chelfings understand the joys of cooking. Our big box of happiness comes loaded with a recipe leaflet, complete set of instructions, premium quality ingredients, essential tools and secret tips. Suitably designed for youngest kitchen helpers, Bake Me will definitely spark a love of good food in your kids! That also means, no more store bought treats and lots of homemade goodness. Whoopee! What’s more? It makes for a fun and creative DIY gifts for young girls and boys.

Benefit of Bake Me

Premium Ingredients

Our boxes include only the most premium and hand-picked ingredients. Be it cocoa, vanilla or even the flour, quality of each product is par excellence. We always want the best for the child, especially what goes in their tummy, so we have assembled the best ingredients for your consumption.

Finishing Touch

We also provide you with edible decorations like colorful sprinklers, cupcake toppers, sugar animals and flowers etc that will give a professional touch to to your baked results. What's more? You can access our DIY videos on Social Media channels, website and app to will assist you in this art of baking.

Professional Tools

we send three baking tools at a time in one box. The tools such as pastry brush, whisk, oven gloves, baking pans, parchment paper, piping cone, silicon cupcake moulds and more will make all your baking efforts a complete cake-walk!

Gourmet Taste

Each dish is a gastronome's delight with its wow-worthy experience and homemade goodness. The whole idea is to bake delicious desserts for the family and get a sense of achievement to serve something which is handmade at home.

Our Making

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